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Some people are born with receding hairlines so what we first want you to realize is that it’s nothing to be ashamed of it’s NATURAL. Just a natural thing that happens nothing more , nothing less. even some celeberties have receding hairlines (cough cough LeBron) just know that it is okay. There are some products that claim to have instant hair growth results and those are just a bunch of money schemes. This process is not instant! If you are impatient and not willing to do a little work, go buy those “Instant growth” serums and see how they work out for you make sure to leave us a comment on your experience. Now that you know it’s a natural process and not some magical fairy of hair that comes from the sky and grants you hairy wishes… let’s talk a little bit about the process. All you’re really doing when you’re regrowing hair is rebuilding hair. Meaning rebuilding, chemicals in your body capable of doing so. So you have to backtrack to when you were growing most… that’s right as a kid/teen. Growing hair wasn’t hard then was it? (More than likely had more than you needed!) You need those chemicals from then. You must break down and build chemicals in your body AKA you need to learn how to build muscle which sound like it’s way out there but just think.
You need to build something that was given to you during growth. Do something that is essential in grow. Building chemicals.Learning how to build muscle an what supplements to take and stuff of that sort is not only essential but good for you. make the body has a good variety of resources to help you build muscle and also have very many muscle building tips and stuff of that nature. We highly recommend it.

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build muscle to prevent hairlines like this

This man is losing his hairline.